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Just Ramblings

December 21st, 2006 at 01:55 am

Its thursday, and every thursday I move $20 to Savings A account so that is up at $560, not huge, but considering its just $20 a week building this up I like watching it grow. And my dw will make a payment off the personal loan later today, and add $25 to our Savings C account.

We had some problem this morning with a heating pump not working so I had to call the plumber who can call today at 16:00 so hopefully that won't cost too much. But this time of year heating is a must. The heating is zoned, upstairs is working, but only half the radiators down stairs are working, we had a similar problem at the start of the winter, but the pump had just become stuck then, he may replace it now $$

In work today we have our christmas lunch, normally a good spread, and they do a draw for some prizes, top prize this year is a 32" LCD TV (fingers crossed - wouldn't that be nice) - but I don't have much luck on draws.

Really looking forward to christmas holidays now, I'll finish tomorrow, and I'm back to work on the 2nd Jan. We are staying
at home again this year, we had my sister in law's family last year, but this year it will be just the four of us. Hopefully the antibiotics will have kicked in and cleared what infections my dw and ds have at the moment, but they are sounding better already.

We must clear the recycling corner at home as well before all the extra packaging arrives for Christmas - it does get out of hand this time of year.

My dd attends dance classes every Thursday afternoon during the school term, she really enjoys it, dances are to usually to disney songs, so whats not to like I guess. Anyway they have their christmas concert tonight so I'm looking forward to that. We have a neigbour sitting with our ds while we are at it, normally its a bit later when we go out and he would be a sleep, so hopefully he won't act up tonight for her, we'll be using every distracting technique in the book the get out the door.

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