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No spend day

January 9th, 2007 at 06:29 am

Today is a no spend day - nothing in but good news is nothing out either. At work I can preload my id card with credit - we operate a cashless system at lunch time - so I was able to get breakfast and lunch - but it came off my card - I've been good this year and cut back on food I buy in work, but I know it would make more sense to make my own lunch and bring it in - but I just can't seem to make that jump - so the compromise is to cut back. Soda's are out, expensive water is out, chocolate is out, sweets are out. Basic breakfast, and lunch is the order of the day. I've definetly seen the money last a bit longer this week doing this.

The last few nights our ds has been waking between 4am and 6am most nights - it doesn't make it easy when it comes time to get up for work. Thankfully last night he slept through - and I feel much better for it, it is great when every one in the house gets sleep.

My dw has applied for a job as an accounts assistant in a nearby hotel - it would be fantastic if she got it - no news yet of her even getting an interview - but fingers crossed. We've prepared for her being out for a while, with the kids her job needs to be local, and flexible and this sounds like it might be right - so as these jobs don't show up too often, she decided to go for it now.

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