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January 10th, 2007 at 05:25 am

When I wasn't paying attention and planning/budegting my finances pay days seem to just come and go - now days it seems a long wait until pay day comes round. I can depress myself when I think of the money that I let slip through my fingers in my 20's and early 30's - such is life I guess. Tomorrow is pay day, and I get to move some money around, pay a few bills, and move money to savings etc. Its the first pay day of 2007 as well. I've had no financial surprises this month so far - long may that continue, so I think the next two weeks will be key to staying on top of the budget for January. Today is certainly quiet so another 21 days like this and we will come in just under budget

3 Responses to “Planning”

  1. fern Says:

    Well, no use thinking about what could have been. One of the other guys here did a post a while back where he calculated the maximum potential of what he could have saved every year that he's worked.

    I thought it was an interesting exercise but i prefer to focus on what i can actually accomplish moving forward.

    Am crossing my fingers for you that no big expenses come up between now and month-end.

  2. Somerlyn Says:

    I agree with Fern. Don't look back but happy in the steps you are taking now. Keep yourself busy so you don't think how long it's been between paydays. Good Luck

  3. boomeyers Says:

    I am five years older than you and I feel the same way. At least you are starting a little younger! Be proud, you thought of it before retirement! :-) It seems when you have kids, it is work to stay ahead of the game to get out of the "paycheck to paycheck" mode!

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