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More or less on budget to date

January 12th, 2007 at 03:32 am

I need to do the weeks grocery shopping tonight, I'm amazed at how much this month to date has stayed pretty much on budget. We discussed last night about the credit card debt, and our plan to pay it off. We are due a refund from educational assistance, our healthcare is due to give a partial refund from doctor and consultant visits last year, and we are owed some tax back from an overpayment last year also. It would be nice if these refunds could be used for savings but maybe next years refunds might go there. For the moment we are staying on track budget wise.

We also seem to be surviving the cold and flu season well, with no major complaints on the health front. You can't plan for illnesses, and what of course happens is because you can't plan for them, you don't plan for them, and then when it happens your plan is immediately thrown out of shape. I'm watchful for any surprises at the minute. I keep going back to last year spreadsheet and checking what expenses we had in January 2006 in case they repeat this month.

MIL birthday is at the end of the month, last year we went to a local restaurant and purchased present, this year I expect the same year - between the present and restaurant it was a about $150 last year, a little too expensive, but its a big family thing. I'm hoping to cut the cost this year. January is a recovery month following the turmoil of christmas, so anything that can reduce expenditure in January is most welcome. I'm hoping this year to lose a bit of weight, so maybe a cheap light salad at the restaurant might help as well

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  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Good for you checking last year - we found that these mandatory family dealy-whos were costing us a great deal more than just the gift. For us it involves a two hour drive, plus the meal, plus the gift, plus generally a fast food stop or two --either on the way to the event, or on the way home as we are generally too wiped out to cook afterwards. I've learned to set up the crockpot for afterwards and now budget for the travel costs & fastfood stop as well as for the gift.

    And it's not just birthdays, it's mother's day and father's day as well!

    Sounds like your family is off to a good start this January with Dad's eye on the ball!

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