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Down to $20

January 22nd, 2007 at 08:47 am

Mostly painting this weekend - groceries came in at $122.19 - which is very consistent with previous two weeks. We did pay $55 for paint/rollers etc - not budgeted but it kept us busy - MIL's birthday today another $50 - but thanfully the meal out was cancelled. All of which means that we have enough food in the house, gas in the cars, and we are all healthy so we should make it to thursday when its pay day. dw has $20 in her purse - but main checking account is down to $6 - so if we do need money I'll have to go to savings - but I think we can make it to thursday as we are - nothing like a challenge.

2 Responses to “Down to $20”

  1. frugalmomof1 Says:

    Good Luck...Thursday is only a few days away!!!

  2. moneycents Says:

    good luck!!!

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